Our student reviews are on the comment section below.

  • Lucas

    Xia mentorship is very good. He is a GREAT teacher and has great teaching skills. He offers a method that fortifies the fundamentals every good picture needs and also has a very good perception of what each different person really needs. He could very fast tell me what I needed to get better. Get this mentorship is not spend your money, is for sure a investment!

  • Stephanie

    I never thought I could paint realistically before Xia. Xia showed me the way and patiently helped me to fix my weak areas and always so patient with answering my questions on our eight weeks one-on-one mentorship together.

    I really made big improvement in my art, he taught me so good fundamentals and going forward I´ll keep practicing hard on my weak areas and make lots of masterstudy as well as follow his patreon to keep improve myself. He is extremely good teacher, very thorough and really cares that you become the best you can be.
    I wish I had taken this mentorship years ago, he really changed the way I approach artmaking and how to think while drawing or painting. Not just the how but also the WHY. I never done online mentorship before.

    If you´re serious about improving, take the eight week mentorship, listen to what he says and follow his videos closely and you WILL improve! I woke 3:00 every day to paint, worked fulltime job 8+ hours then paint again, if you want it, you´ll make the hours and time needed for it! No excuse. Work hard and you´ll get back so much! Xia is best art teacher I ever had and I am so thankful he take so much of his time to help noob like me to really improve for real. This guy not only talks the talk but he also walks the walk!

    Be prepared to work yourself to the bone and you´ll really make huge skill jump, take the mentorship and don´t waste years not knowing what you did like I did!!

  • Shlomo Lazar

    Xia was very patient and encouraging. He explained everything very clearly while demonstrating technique as well as providing recorded sessions between classes. In addition to raw painting technique Xia also provided insights into design, appeal and what employers would expect from an artist in the in the industry. He is very attentive and has broken down his own personal style into a simple step by step process that makes it easy for ANYBODY to understand and absorb quickly. In my case, when I was having difficulty with a concept that was not covered in our course he sent me, free of charge, recordings of his explanation of on that concept in order to catch me up.
    Xia is very invested in the success of his students and, for those who are serious about pursuing a career in art, I can highly recommend him without reserve.

  • Ann Myasnikova

    Character Design classes are very important. Xia taught me many things: how to understand
    dynamic features of the character’s poses, how to create a shape by using light, how to make textures and so on. I always understood this importance but I didn’t know how to do this in the framework of digital painting. Xia,thank you for your knowledge and for your creation!!!

  • Kevin Harte

    The painting 101 course was broken down in easy to understand manageable steps, along with very informative well made tutorials. Recommended!

  • Corri

    The digi101 class was worth every penny. I learned during the 5 week class than I did a full semester at the Academy of Art University. Keeping the classes small, Xia allows for a lot of individual attention. I can’t wait to take more of his classes. I feel with his classes and mentorship, I could definitely get to my goal of drawing comics. Thanks so much for everything!! Wonderful class.

  • lance

    absolutely worth it, the video tutorials he sent were very helpful, helpful than any video tutorial I seen thus far, and very so informative that I was able to get it in a snap. I was very hesistant because i thought the weeks and 1 session is too short foe me to learn anything but I can literally say that I learned a lot and i have a new insight of art. I’m will definitely going for another course, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Consuelo

    I did one-to-one mentorship with Xia. I’m not new to digital painting, but I needed to cover some lacks I had. The course was superb because was exactly tailored to my needs and level. He is passionate and an amazing teacher. Not only my skills improve drastically, But my way to approach digital painting change totally. I have now the tools for Start with the right workflow; minimize time and enhance results. I highly recommend Xia Course!

  • Ann Myasnikova

    I have already passed three classes with Xia.
    I started with the basics of digital drawing: Environment concept 101 and Environment concept 102.
    Each class opened for me new opportunities of the digital art.
    Also, I passed Eight weeks courses. It was amazing experience under the direction of the wonderful artist. It was like a creative laboratory!!!
    Xia, thank you for opportunity to understand all my mistakes and to see the way of improving them.
    It’s very important for me.
    Thank you for a lot of useful advice and boundless imagination!

  • Anna Ben David

    I drew digitally for a few years before Xia’s 8 week Mentorship course and i have been to a college before that had me pay thousands of dollars, and i’ll be as honest as i can be that Xia’s course taught me more in 8 weeks than a college did in a year.

    The course is simply amazing from the professional yet positive fun and honest approach where Xia helps you achieve what you are going for be it Characters, Environment or anything else art related.

    Hes professional knowledge and methods are extremely honed as they helped me immensely while i use hes methods for jobs i get and it had made my life so much easier and my art so much better.
    If you wan’t to really improve, i strongly recommend Xia’s mentorship course it is just honestly amazing, with an amazing teacher and a good person.

  • Murad Mammadov

    I have just completed 8 weeks classes with Xia and I don’t regret at all. I have obtained the skill and knowledge I had been relying and expecting to get. The Teaching method of Xia is simple but effective enough to shift forward your abilities and help to reach the plato/level you wish to be. No doubts, I will recommend Xia to everybody if you still thinking or not sure. If you work hard and accept mentorship from Xia you are on the right direction to improve significantly your skills. Time and again, Xia – thanks for your mentorship, help – I really feel, I have done huge improvement and become more confident at art. That what I expected to be from your classes.

  • Edward Yorke

    After doing the 5 week course, I cannot recommend Xia enough. I came from a self-taught background and though I was coming along slowly, I lacked direction and purpose with my painting. Xia helped me focus on set elements and work on them from start to finish. His method of painting over the weeks assignment is perhaps the most helpful way of learning I have experienced, rather than painting for you, he paints AS you (if you were a better painter). He shows you your mistakes and corrects them in a clear and positive manner. Honestly, I was a little sceptical about paying for art lessons online, but my experience has not only made me a far more confident painter and designer, but has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities available to me as a digital artist.

    Xia is a great teacher, his methods are clear and refined, but colloquial enough to have the feel of talking to an old friend. He is obviously very passionate about his craft and will talk to you about any aspect of it, while keeping to the task at hand.

    Don’t let this opportunity go as a passing fancy, if you are serious about learning to make art and willing to put effort in, the information you will take away is worth exponentially more than the cost of these lessons.

    My only regret is taking the 5 week course instead of the 8.

  • Ian Brewer

    I improved so much after taking Digital Painting 101 and 102. Xia is very good about answering any questions you have, and steering his students toward getting the results they are looking for. I found the assignments given each week to be appropriate and, a lot of times, even fun. If you follow the curriculum you will definitely improve. I can’t wait to take 103 and the character courses as soon as they become available.

  • Dominik Kohoutek

    Short objective review:

    Xia will not just inspire and teach you how to become a better draftsman, painter and ultimately a better problemsolver, he will also guide you towards a healthy and productive lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you’re already familar with all sorts of fancy techniques, Xia adapts to your skills and knows where to tie in. The only thing you need is dedicated time and an open mind.
    The more time you put into his mentorship, the more you’ll get rewarded for it.

    Long review:

    I’m in the 10th week of Xias private mentorship now and I’m definitely going to stay for another 42 weeks. He helped me establishing habits which don’t just focus on art, but also on physical activities, hobbies and inspiration. He taught me that if you treat your body and mind well, your art skills drastically improve and will stay sharp, because you want to create art your whole life, not just until your spine cracks. My art is drastically advancing, as he is constantly guarding me towards improving my artworks and teaching me in the areas where I’m least comfortable with.

    Xia is a great, positive and charismatic guy, while remaining very humble. It’s amazing to have a mentor who is driven by the whole creation process of art, instead of acquiring fortune as our society very often proclaims and one who wants to share his valueable knowledge for almost nothing. I’m very thankful and grateful to have met Xia, as he is truly a great inspiration as to what kind of mindset to have as an artist and a human being.

    I struggled a lot with pressure at the beginning, as I have a deadline for my education, through Xias unstoppable dedication and passion towards teaching art he took a lot of pressure off me in terms of succeeding in this competitive industry, instead succeeding in life and only wanting to draw and paint daily til the end of the days, even if that means I have to wash dishes in a restaurant – the only thing that matters is I’m going to be happy as noone can take away my ambition.

    “If you start loving yourself, you start loving your art.” – Xia Taptara
    Thank you Xia and I look forward to many more private sessions!

  • Adam

    Xia was really great. I did two eight week mentorships with him. In that time my skills improved dramatically. What I gained is far more than just a few skills, but the confidence to keep learning, keep pushing, and keep studying. For that reason I highly recommend Xia’s program.

  • Benjamin

    I did 101 and 102 group classes and I really liked it. It’s an awesome class to take for beginners and I learned so much. Also a group class is always better, since you see other people’s work and try to do better every time. Not to mention this is probably the best value proposition on the internet. Xia gives really long and helpfull explanations, and live paintovers are the coolest thing ever. Of course in a month it’s impossible to go from zero to a master painter, but the improvement you will make might surprise you… if you do your homework of course :3

  • Hashim James

    I’ve done my best studying library books, YouTube channels, Google searchs and more but in the eight weeks of character design I attended here I’ve progressed in my art skills fast and efficiently. Everything I didn’t understand or not have the confidence to do all was touched on talked about or taught. I look forward to taking my next class.

  • Jen Sipila

    In Xia’s character 101 class in addition to learning digital painting we learned how to see and render realistic lighting, form, anatomy and materials, which are very valuable skills for any type of art. Xia is a great digital painter and teacher. He makes the subject very accessible to any level of student and shows by example (and through the weekly lessons) how to develop a drawing from the initial idea to the finished product, and how to correct and improve on drawings. He also let us know about the real-life work of a digital character designer and what are best practices and industry standards. The class lessons contain a lot of content and are clear and well made. One of the best classes I’ve taken!

  • Marcellino

    I just finished character 101 course with Xia.
    That was my third time taking his course. He always gives the explanation as simple as he can so i can have a quick understanding and improve my painting skill much faster. Xia is a really good teacher and i highly recommend his courses AND his premium tutorial as well.

  • Mike

    Xia’s class was very informative and helpful. He is very personable in his teaching technique, yet very insistent that the student grasp and use the principles he teaches, because he knows they work. All you have to do is look at his work and you can see that he applies the things he’s teaching in his own incredible paintings. His overpaintings are especially helpful in that you can see immediately what could be done to strengthen the piece you submitted. I will be taking more courses in the future, and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Winnie

    I just finished the 8 week mentorship and I’ve improved so much through it. Xia’s videos and assignments definitely help a great deal if you want to learn. I chose to do environments for my mentorship, learning values, composition, color, and design. I had rarely done environments before, but these 8 weeks have shown massive improvement for me. The live sessions with Xia were also great. He helped by pointing out my weaknesses, letting me know exactly where I need to improve and how. If you take his mentorship, you’ll make the most out of it by asking questions. Xia always explains things thoroughly and even shares some insight about the industry. He’s pretty funny too, making the live sessions more enjoyable! The advice he has given has definitely helped me in terms of figuring out what I should do even after the mentorship. If you want to improve, definitely take the mentorship. Simple as that. :]

  • Arash

    I participated in Digital Painting 101.

    I can highly recommend this course. The method is clear and the assignments make sense.
    Xia takes his time to give very useful feedback and I really think I learned a lot.
    I signed up for 102 already.

  • Sol

    I finished my first intro group course last week and I’ve already registered for the next one. I had no previous experience with digital painting and have learned so much in just 5 weeks, not only in digital painting but art fundamentals. I have a much better understanding of composition, values and perspective. Xia has a very critical eye and provides valuable feedback that helps me improve my work.

    I stopped drawing over 10 years ago but now I’m starting to get back into it. This course is very inspirational and motivating! I highly recommend it!

  • Emeka

    I would highly recommend the mentorship, I did the 8 week character design course and I found it so useful. Xia’s method of teaching is great for all levels and really helps to get real proffesional input on your work. I can’t reccomend this course enough, it is very cost effective and you will learn so much. I have invested in a lot of video tutorials but having a structured mentorship with weekly feedback is invaluable. I will definetly book some more in the coming months and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice!

  • Raven

    I was pretty apprehensive about taking this online course because you know know what you’re going to get. But i’m 100% glad I went for it. Xia is very a informative and funny teacher and I looked forward to my classes every week. I’ve been doing fairly well being mostly self thought but having someone with such an extensive knowledge to point things out to me and seeing the difference in my face was truly helpful as well as learning different methods tog et where I want to be as an artist. Go for it!

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Very rarely do we invest our money or time into something and receive a result truly worthwhile. I had actually been a big fan of Xia’s work and would admire the Guild Wars artwork and watch and re-watch courses I bought from his online store like the ‘Dark Warlord’ or ‘Steel Paladin.’ When I read that he was offering mentorships I signed up pretty much immediately.

    I learned so much in 8 weeks with Xia that I was astounded. Sure, it was hard work, and I had never been asked to push myself so hard by any instructor previously. There were times where I asked myself how on earth can I do all of this work in a few days. But each week, Xia gave me what seemed to be impossible assignments, and I pushed through and turned them in on time. And the assignments were never busy work, everything he asks you to do has a purpose. Now, looking back at what my artwork looked like before and now after, all I can say is wow. There is a massive difference between watching a tutorial on your own, and attempting to replicate what you see versus having someone talk directly to you, offering advice and showing you techniques you can use to improve your skills.

    I now think of surfaces, textures and techniques differently. I explore more and study more on my own. My level of understanding, my speed and my appreciation of the work it takes to create artwork that is exciting and convincing has increased exponentially.

    Xia is an amazing teacher who is fun to work with, but will always be honest with you. He expects the best from you because he really does want you to grow as an artist. He worked my fingers to the bone and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  • Arsalaan Ahmed

    This is my first online class and I was a bit nervous about taking them, I have always been one of those people who looks at all these concept art pictures and says I want to do that so I gave it a shot and week 1 was a bit fast for me because I never had an artist background so it was like going in the deep end. Overall, I am amazed at myself and the way Xia teaches, I had no idea that I could improve this much from only 8 weeks and I recommend this to anyone who wants to become an artist.

  • Shimron Walters

    At first i was a bit unsure about doing online classes as i had never done them before, but i honestly have no regrets whatsoever. Xia is a great and funny teacher who helped me pin point and work on some of the bad habbits or errors in my art work and in eight weeks my art work improved beyond what i even expected. I highly recommend his classes if you are looking to join the art industry or if you simply want to improve on your skills, you will be amazed at the improvement!

  • David Vicich

    I just completed a great 8 weeks of mentorship with XIA. When i first started I had alot of misconceptions and bad habits that he helped me to redefine and fix. By the 4th week I had a solid core in creating basic thumbs and developing designs for characters . Each week Xia would work on my characters helping me to define the necessary practical application to move them closer to the finished product. He went above and beyond what my expectations were and I can never thank him enough.

    I know that in the near future I will look into another set of sessions. His sessions are worth the take and if you struggle in any part of the process. He can help you to achieve a better design and quality.

  • Arsugan Wijayanathan

    If you are thinking of taking the mentor ship, i would say to do it. I took the 8 week character concept course, and it was the first online mentor ship i have ever taken. Within the 8 weeks Xia was able to find what i needed help with, teach me techniques and practices i should do to fix my problems and get better. He also showed me better ways to practice and get better. It was so good that a took a extended mentor ship. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at paintings, and who want to be a professional in the video game industry.

  • Nisal Tharanga

    This is my first online mentorship. So I’m sure I was annoying student as I had lots of question about industry and various kinds of issues with this beautiful subject even though I have been painting time to time. Xia was explaining all the questions and gave suggestions and advices throughout the program.

    I just finished my first set of 8 weeks lessons. Yeah,… I meant first, coz I’m gonna get the program again. When I compare with Environments I painted for the first class with the last class, I can’t even imagine its me. Xia not only teaches how to improve the skills but also he advices to gain confidence which nowhere I’ve ever got so far. If some one is looking for mentorship I’ll definitely recommend to work with Xia. I can prove it by my own showing my achievement.

  • Mark Jackson

    Learning from Xia for the past five weeks has been a mind changer.

    In our first session one of the first things Xia said to me was ‘ I’m not teaching you how to paint but how to think.’ So not only has he impacted my painting skills he has impacted all areas of my approach to art I have even seen improvements in my approach to drawing through the mentorship.

    If you’re looking for funky rendering techniques which will only get you so far, this isn’t for you. But if you want to learn REAL fundamentals and see REAL improvement which will allow your work to reach a higher level contact Xia

  • Nathan

    I highly recommend the mentorship program! Xia is very skilled, very patient and incredibly helpful. I began the program with almost no experience. I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am significantly more confident and proud of my work. Be prepared to work! This is definitely a course where you get out what you put in. But Xia made it fun and engaging. Often I wished I could take a day off work just to stay home and paint. I see myself coming back for more sessions in the future. Xia, thank you again!

  • Violet

    I took this tutoring course in the 8-week package because I really needed to get my foot in the door for art. I had just gotten accepted for a Game Art course in University this September and I wanted to prepare myself for the road ahead. Xia is guaranteed an ex-industry professional with at least 10 years experience. I was looking through my Guild Wars 1 concept art books I got from purchasing the collector’s editions. It really pleased me to see Xia Taptara’s name on several concepts in that book, he is extremely talented, experienced, and the things he has taught me are still amazing me. 9 weeks ago now, I never thought I could do any of the things I could do now and I never used to feel proud of the work I did at all. I felt like I was always years behind (and I still am, just miles behind the usual students), and that I would never reach the level of where I am good enough. Xia changed that for me, he made me see digital painting and art in a whole new way, a more simple way. I guarantee if you listen and take in what he’s telling you, do what he tells you to do exactly, you will succeed. In 8 weeks I can now produce paintings and studies that I am proud of and feel like I am complete with. Although I have many years of experience left to be found ahead of me, I am now more excited and hopeful as well as motivated deeply by what Xia has made possible. You will not be disappointed if you are not lazy. You must be willing to put the work in. Personal Recommendation: Try not to overload your daily schedule as the work comes in high amounts, you have to really keep at it everyday to get good at it. Just like all art. You’re paying good money, why waste it?

    10/10 for Xia’s teaching methods. The only thing that I really wanted, with being an Aesthetic Learner (someone who learns on the fly, highly practical), is have Xia watch my screen and task me with something and critique me as I go. But all in all, his teaching methods are fantastic and I highly recommend this tutoring to anyone who direly needs it. Also as a bonus and guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth, Xia offered me several discounts on premium tutorial videos from his web store and he also offered a monthly-based mentorship to continue my studies with him over the Summer. I’m sure if you need the help, he will offer the same to future students or returning.

  • Matthew Stobber

    I recently completed a mentorship program with Xia. The amount of knowledge and experience this man has is incredible. And even more incredible is how well he can convey all of his knowledge in an easily consumable way to someone of any skill level, especially myself. I had only been painting for a couple months when I started the mentorship, and I have gained so much during the program it is hard to put into words.I really feel like I have a solid foundation now, and most importantly, I know exactly how to practice moving forward, and can self-correct myself much better than when I started.

    Xia was EXTREMELY accommodating with my work schedule. I really believe he loves to teach, and it absolutely comes through. No matter where your skill level is, I would highly recommend this mentorship to anyone.You will NEVER find a more cost-effective way to learn from a master 1-on-1. The amount of material you will learn will be FAR more than any college course in art, which would easily cost 3-4 times as much.

  • Barret Frymire

    Xia Taptara’s mentorship was more than I could have expected. The improvement from week one to week eight was astounding. He’s incredibly helpful and honest. He has a way of explaining complex things in the most basic form so that you get the concept extremely quick, and he doesn’t have a problem with changing the way he demonstrates a subject if you have issues the first time. It doesn’t matter what skill level, you can learn a lot from Xia.

    I would highly recommend this mentorship program.

  • Troy Bobb

    Late last year I decided I wanted to begin pushing my artistic ability as much as possible and was looking into various courses/workshops to do so. After a fairly detailed search I found that Xia actually offered a mentorship program and signed up soon after. From the very beginning I was quite impressed! Xia presented his teachings in a very practical manner and made things quite easy to understand. I was surprised to learn how some of the things I struggled with previously had fairly simple solutions and methods to practice! It was definitely an enriching 8 weeks and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for some guidance on their artistic craft! Xia was a fantastic mentor and I look forward to signing up for another course in the future!

  • Orsi Marton

    I’ve been drawing mostly for my own entertainment in the past years and I found myself too often with too many unfinished pictures with problems and details I couldn’t solve myself.
    With Xia’s guide I had to realize I had a foundation which maybe worked with paper and pencil, but not in digital painting. My brain still struggles to adapt to the new way of viewing things, haha, but at least I know now where to start, what to practice, how to approach.
    There will be tons of homework and study, you’ll find some of them difficult and some of them very entertaining, but all of them are very essential. You’ll also have to learn to manage your own time, which was again an unknown concept for me.

    Xia is very patient guide and tries to explain everything on your level of understanding of things, and yes it is a big wow factor to see him correcting your homework live.

    I definitely recommend Xia and his mentorship, I’ll definitely have another go once I get confident with the techniques I learnt now.

  • Creator Viktor

    I can strongly recommend Xia as a teacher, he is the best teacher of digital painting I’ve ever had and helped me improve my skills greatly. He is a nice person to talk to and always has some useful and input for what you are working on that will help you get better. Enough so that I might be a returning customer in the future 🙂

  • Cee Jay

    A couple of years ago I came across Instructor Xia’s digital painting tutorials, and they were very helpful and instructional as they contained information that I had difficulty finding anywhere else. However it wasn’t until I finally decided to purchase and receive Instructor Xia’s private lessons & mentorship that my true education in digital painting began. The lessons were so concise as they taught me how to render the human figure in three dimensional form using simple values. Also Instructor Xia’s informative one on one instruction, and enlightening critiques of my homework assignments, have been enormously helpful as I have seen rapid improvement in my work. I strongly recommend the private lessons and mentorship to anyone looking to improve their digital painting skills as well.
    Cee Jay

  • Marcellino Tan

    I took this course out of curiosity but it turns out really well. That was one great moment when i finally got my own private lesson. Xia can teach really well. I can easily understand his feedback that really(again..) improved my fundamental on digital painting. So i think my curiosity really paid off in a good way..

    For you who really want to try a private lesson, you should try “THE private lesson” with Xia.

  • Saul

    I’ve purchased almost all of Xia online tutorial, and while they’re informative with lots of great information about digital painting, having him critique my work and give me guidance as to how to improve was invaluable. Xia mentorship program is extremely comprehensive, Xia identified my weaknesses and strengths and gave me assignments to improve upon them. He showed me a variety of ways of tackling paintings but most important how to analyzing my work. He was extremely encouraging and helpful. I truly recommend, is mentorship program. In fact I’m hoping to take his mentorship program again.

  • Chris

    Xia is a experienced talented concept artist that takes his time and helps you to level up. Though in return his expects his students to work hard and for you to put the time in each week
    to better yourself. With a blend of great teaching and constant feedback you will be able to achieve your goals. You won’t regret it.

  • Anthony

    Just completed a 5 week course with Xia. If you are thinking about doing it, my advice would be to stop thinking about it and DO IT!. I learned so much over the past 5 weeks andreally do see an improvment in my artwork.
    Xia is a great teacher and the work he gives really helps to focus on your weak points. I have found myself enjoying everybit of assignment and pushing myself to do better.
    Its a course where you get what you put in, so make the time to do what your asked and you will see progress.
    I will be doing more in the future and I strongly encourage anyone who wants to get better to do the course. Great value for money, so what are you waiting for?

  • Andrew Pappas

    Xia is one of the best online teachers out there! He make a honest attempt to connect with his students as well as tailoring his lessons to cater to their striengths and weakenesses. I would highlty suggest the Private toturing lessions for anyone wanting to increase their digital painting skills.

  • Emilie

    I had never done an online course before, and honestly, I am very satisfied!
    At first I was a bit hesitant to take the course because I am french and I was scared that I would not understand Xia, but everything went smoothly and I learned more in a couple weeks than I could have ever hoped 🙂

    I am a strong visual person and I have to say that watching him paint live like that was very inspiring and it helped me understand what he wanted from me.

    The online session are awesome and Xia is a fun guy to talk to. I also loved all those homework I had to do, because each time I did one I felt like I was learning something and improving! Xia also takes the time to answer your questions by email and tells you exactly what needs to be improved on your work. Also, he knows how to make you feel proud when you do something nice and isn’t afraid to tell you when you get better at painting 🙂

    Overall, I do recommend that course to anyone who would like to improve his/her art, and needs a bit of pointer from an inspiring artist 🙂

    Thank you very much for the course Xia, I really feel like I have improved and my characters are better than ever! I would gladly do it again someday, maybe for environments this time!

  • Marie

    Been a student with Xia, seems like ages now! If you’re largely self-taught I definitely recommend getting some one-to-one lessons with this awesome guy. He’s personable, knowledgeable, and inspirational. It’s easy to feel lost in your class, whether it’s offline or online. Since teachers don’t have enough time to dedicate to each student in their classes. So, if you want to get more out of your classes or just yourself in general, give Xia a try. All the lessons are catered towards your pace and level. I’ve definitely seen some improvement that rivals the more expensive classes you find online.

    Going to miss these awesome sessions!!

  • Kory Basaraba

    I just finished a 5 week coaching program with Xia and the progress I made was astonishing.

    He is a master teacher, and I loved how his program erases amateur habits in a clear, step by step process while guiding you to creating pro-level work. Xia gives you specific, detailed exercises to practice that match your skill level and gently but quickly force you to get better.

    If you follow his advice, you WILL be a better artist – no matter where you are now. And because Xia is a working pro (and an amazingly talented artist), it was inspiring to have our weekly coaching sessions and be able to ask him any questions about art theory, life as a concept artist, etc.

    He is friendly, supportive, helpful, professional and always open to answering my questions. His critiques were spot-on, and he helped me finally understand the principles of art that separate the masters from the amateurs.

    I’ve never been so excited about my art or felt so confident in my ability to produce paintings I’ll be proud of. He’s given my art career new life and I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance.

    If you’re considering working with Xia, I can only say…Do it!

  • Karol G

    Thanks to Xia’s mentorship i learned a lot in shot time. Not only my draws looks better but also i albe to make them much faster. I’ve dome more in one month than
    in 2 years learning alone.

    You cant find better teacher.

  • Jonathan Hau-Yoon

    As someone who studied an art degree, and even works in the game industry, I’ve often felt as if I’m in a weird sort of limbo taking courses. I often feel as if I’m familiar with the vast majority of concepts, so I feel as if I’m paying for the full course, while only benefiting from a relatively small portion of new knowledge.

    Xia’s mentorship is not like that. He identifies weaknesses in your portfolio, and gives exercises that address those weaknesses so that you’re not spending time practising things you’re already familiar with. It’s also dynamic, where he’ll change the assignments you should work on based on whether you’re struggling with them or kicking butt. It’s a very dynamic relationship that I feel cannot be found in the many preset, impersonal, cookie-cutter courses elsewhere online and at art schools.

    Lastly, because you’re paying for Xia’s time, and not for a set course content, and because it’s one-on-one, if you’re driven, determined and work hard, you can set your own pace and learn significantly more than you might in a set course with a set outline where you might be held back because of other students.

    Throw in years of industry experience, weekly sessions that include paintovers and critique, and a sense of humour, and you’ve got some of the best art education you can get here at a very affordable price.

  • Savage

    I’ve been in this program for a month now and let me tell you, this is by far the best program on the internet. You get daily lessons as well as weekly lessons to keep you drawing, motivated and growing as an artist. Xia is a AWESOME teacher. His lessons and critiques are informative, fun, challenging, honest, and based on your skill level. My knowledge, skills, and even my time management have improved enormously. I see myself getting better everyday. If you want private lessons from a industry pro, and to take your art to the next level in a short period of time, at a price you can’t beat, sign up now. You won’t be disappointed.

  • John

    i love the video tutorials and I also found the mentorship definitely worth it! i learned so much from it. the lessons, exercises and advise from one on one sessions are so valuable! as a teacher xia is very thorough and he really wants to help improve my skills in digital painting. he’s also very patient. i didn’t know what to expect coming into the mentorship but the things he brought into the sessions exceeded any expectations I could’ve imagined. i was learning things the whole time. i highly recommend it!!

  • Reg

    over the years, I have purchased a ton of videos and a ton of books, but there is nothing like having a skilled and experienced mentor to review your work and give you an informed opinion on what you need to build up your skills. Xia is a GREAT teacher and I’ve made massive improvements in a very short period of time. If you’re serious about your artwork, you owe it to yourself to give the mentorship a try. I’m really glad I did. I wish I had done this years earlier!!!


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