Improve your drawing in two weeks with these 5 steps. Follow the instruction carefully and you will see instance result.
Try it out and share your result in the comment section. So this does not mean you will go from zero to hero in two weeks. The process will help you improve on any specific subject in increment. If there is any part you always get stuck on and do not know how to resolve the issue, this will help you solve your problem and make it better. As you get better in one area, it will help you improve your overall skill. Once you are better in the area that needs fixing, you can move onto the next and constantly keep at it until your workflow is almost flawless. We called it deliberate practice.

improve your drawing in two weeks with five steps

improve your drawing in two weeks with five steps

1) Set your goal for long-term and short-term goal. If your long-term goal is to get better at character design, then you need multiple short-term goals to achieve it. You have to break the character design process down. You have to think about what makes a good character design. For instance, you will need a correct proportion, understand anatomy, knowledge of armours, and so on.

2) Choose your topic or subject. After you set your short-term goal. Let just say, you need to work on your anatomy. Then be specific about which body part or muscle group you want to start first. Two weeks aren’t that long so you have to be specific. Make sure you will have enough time to learn and understand the subject.

3) Draw it as you understand it right now. Draw it as you understand it then keep your drawing.

4) Do research on your specific topic. Research the subject of your choice. Then observe how other professional artists do it, especially old master artists. Then try to study them by copying what he/she did. During the process, try to reverse engineer it and understand how they come up with the process. Spend a few hours a day do the master study like that. Once you think you under stand it well enough. You can find a good photo reference or take your own, then translate it into a drawing or painting. Then repeat the process one couple more times throughout the whole two weeks.
It is important that you do not skip a day, you MUST spend a few hours a day for two weeks. You have to take it seriously and focus.

5) Draw it again on your own and compare after you have complete the two weeks cycle. Then let me know how it goes. 🙂

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Hope this is helpful. Happy New Year!

Xia Taptara

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Improve your drawing in two weeks with five steps.

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