Different ways to use texture brushes demo -Q&A episode 17

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Sam Reeves
I’ve watched your videos for years and never fail to learn something monumental. I once had a job that suddenly dropped graphic design in my lap, when I had no prior art training and had never used Photoshop. It was videos like yours that kept me from drowning. And, a couple of years later, people started asking me to design logos and even paint book covers. So, thank you. Now my question: I am settling into what I consider the second half of my life. I’m 45 and due to medical reasons stick close to home. What kind of reception in the professional world would a middle-aged, self-taught beginner receive if he tried to have a go at maybe some part-time freelance fantasy and science fiction artwork? I know Hollywood is probably out of the question, but how about games, comic books, cards??

I had no idea you worked at ArenaNet. That makes so much sense. This mean’s I’ve been a fan of your work for like, 10 years. Mind blown.?

What kinds of concept art are there? I’m only familiar with Character, prop, vechile or environment concept artists. is there concept art on how a scene will play out? Like the composition of a key scene??

do you always stick to 2-3 brushes or do you change them from time to time and if u stick to those same which serves for what, lets say one is for blocking colour other for blending and so on. i have downloaded a bunch of brushes and still cant find few that i am comfortable with?

Calvin Valencia
Sir when do I need to use more than one or two hues for the skin especially the face? I noticed some artist use something like dark pink for base color and use yellow on the highlights. Is this influenced by the color of the light setting, can it be the light source is yellow so we will put little yellow for the highlights? Many Thanks!?

theMix iAm
Hey Xia can you make tutorial how to paint leather parts, or how to choose colors to make painting more realistic? Great videos, very helpful, thnx. Greetings from Serbia :))?

Shin Retsu
Do you need to be a jack of all trades kind of person to be able to work in the video game industry? When I look at studios here from where I’m from, they ask so many skillsets – they require you to be able to do 2d and 3d and code/do programming and animate all at the same time.
So how good do i need to be, really? thank you for the videos btw :D?

Different ways to use texture brushes

Different ways to use texture brushes

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Different ways to use texture brushes

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