Type of art school for game concept art. Question and Answer session.

Here’s a question. Should I use layer blending modes to do shading and highlights or should I pick the shading colors myself after blocking colors

I want to draw game designs what do I need to train for doing this.

Arthur Gouveia
I am great at painting but I am not good creating stuff, I always try to start practicing my drawing but I always get frustrated because I can’t get what it is on my head on the midia(digital or normal).

Also I could never figure how to paint with value, I am pretty good observing the light and dark colors and mixing colors to get into the right tone. Any advise?

Brandon Pancham
I actually have a few questions. Where did you get your first job as an artist online? (did you use a certain website and if so why that website?) And how did you figure out how your going to charge people?

This is just a quick demo. The full video tutorial with commentary is part of the package I did for Patreon subscribers.
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What type of art school for concept art

What type of art school for concept art

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Type of art school for game concept art

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