Photo bashing or free hand painting – QnA episode 12
Tim Trowerz
Are there advantages to photo bashing or should free hand be used in preference?

artofE Paradice
have you ever had to step away from a piece because you got frustrated with it? and what do you do when you are stressed out?

Hai xia.. Thanks for the tutorial and awesome vids… I have a question about blending colors in photoshop.. I can’t get the hang of it.. Can you give me the tips like what should i with the brushes… do i play with the opacity and flow or do i just keep it at 100%.. Sorry for the long question.. Thank you very muchh…

Monster Queen 707
Should try to master traditional art before I try to move to digital or hold I try to balance my practice between both?

This is just a quick demo. The full video tutorial with commentary is part of the package I did for Patreon subscribers.
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Photo bashing vs free hand painting

Photo bashing vs free hand painting

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Photo bashing or free hand painting

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