Dealing with artist block and anatomy question – Q&A Episode 09
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Dealing with Artist block

Dealing with Artist block

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Here’s a question for your Questions and Answers.
what ways do you overcome drawing block when it happens?
Do you draw from your favorite character from a movies/TV shows or do you go outside or meditate to get over the funk when it happens??

When learning to draw characters is it better to learn and get good att the anatomy and proportions before moving on to faces/clothes and other details??

Toy Boonsan
QnA: What are your tips to realistic painting??

-Strong light and shadow

Hey Xia, you were asking on the previous video on what videos we would like to see.
I personally have two requests that I think I could use some help on, its pretty tough to pick one since you already have so many great content!

1. How to render really well, I have troubles going into the very fine details.
2. When doing mechanical/metal/hard surface designs, how do you deal with the edges?

For example, one starts with a painting or a sketch, how would you work out the transitions and edges to make them look good or believable? Like do you get rid of the sketch lines or black lines around the design?

Btw, what do you think of Corel Painter?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Nice artwork, I used to draw like this in the past, but I really hated to do it traditionally and then digitally, somehow I just really dislike doing that since it feels to me that your doing the artwork really twice and time wise its somewhat consuming rather then starting digitally right away.?

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Dealing with artist block and anatomy question

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