How often to use references. QnA episode 07.

How often do you use reference images??

Romain Quagliara 1 day ago
I’m up for the tablet giveaway ? Btw, could you advise on the use of density brushes, I feel like its cool for some metallic effects but it seems to denature colors and gets fucked up as soon as it is covered by another layer. Any help on Metallic items coloring ??

Louis Mail
Okay, first let me say I am a huge fan of your channel. Out of all the art channels I’ve seen on youtube, yours stands above the rest. Now with that out of the way I have a question. Digital painting is a passion of mine, but I have a challenge that some others may not have. I’m slightly color blind. I still see color, but it is very hard to distinguish between certain ones…for example blue and purple can sometimes be a problem. Even green and brown can seem very similar sometimes. I don’t want to be stuck only doing black and white art, but I also don’t want to paint skin that I think is normal tone, when in reality it is green or something…..I’m sad to say that happened in one of my first attempts at color. My girlfriend at the time was impressed with the overall design but seemed confused why I painted her green. lol. Man that was very irritating and embarrassing. I played it off of course….she was an alien. But I’m getting off topic. You’ve asked for suggestions for your videos, and I thought this may be a good one. I’m sure I’m not the only person who watches your videos, and wants to grow at the illustration and suffers from this limitation. Thank you for your time, and the great instruction you give?

Geza Both
question: if I’m a 3d animator/generalist, compositor, graphic designer and I’m sick of the technical side of computer graphics and I want to do more art but I do not draw .. will it be easier to start creating acceptable pieces with my background??

How often do you use reference images

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