How to transition from grayscale to color – Q and A, Episode 04

How to transition from grayscale to color

How to transition from grayscale to color

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When I’m painting, I start grayscale, but when I put the colors, I see that I hven’t put darker and lighter values properly, I always end up putting to much midtones. How can I manage this problem??

Sir Liam
Here a question for your QnA:
What was your motivation to start drawing??

PIXEL SEAGULL 3 days ago
Very good tutorials, step drawing and so on, but I think may be you could start doing simple tutorials for instance about brushes, using different technics. P.s: are you Kazak ??

everen lee
Xia, your probably the few rare artists who doesnt use boobs for thumbnails LOL?

Sinza AcRoT
How the heck can I learn to paint digitally like u? (I’m a beginner [Sadface])?

How to transition from grayscale to color

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