Should you do color and comps before illustration. This video is a Q and A questions episode 02 where I discuss about why should we do color and comps before illustration or concept art? Best practice for semi-realistic painting. And What to do if you are struggle with color.

should you do color and comp before illustration

should you do color and comp before illustration

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do you always prepare colors for a piece upfront or do you decide on colors during painting? i do the later one but not sure if such an aproach slows me down?

Hope asf
great tutorial, am new to drawing semi realistic stuff and people, I would like to know how to draw the bodies, doesn’t need to be perfect, thanks!?

how to change color by using mac keyboard??
PO CHENG Lien Color picker? Use Alt while in brush mode. In Mac it should be command. Google “Photoshop shortcut keys for Mac”, and you will find.?

Daniel Gauthier
Hey Xia, how long have you been professionally drawing??
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+Daniel Gauthier Too long. Try Google it. :-)?
Daniel Gauthier
+Xia Taptara (???) woops, i normally call any art that’s on paper drawings. But i just looked it up and you’ve been doing thins for over 15 years?? Wow!?

Eric McCarthy 1 day ago
love the tutorials! Your colors are awesome and I really appreciate how you break things down. I struggle with color. Not sure if it’s the color blindness or if I just need more time to study but I’m determined to learn. Thanks again!!?

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Should you do color and comps before illustration

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