How to use references in concept art. This video shows you how I use references in concept art. There are many ways to use references for concept art and illustration. Using references doesn’t not mean copying from the source. It involves a lot of gathering idea, research, and experiment until you arrive to the solution or your concept art piece.

Today are we are going to talk about how I used references. A proper way to utilize the references in illustration and concept art. There’s a big different between copying a photo and using a reference. So a lot of time, I will get a question, did you use the reference but usually. But what it really means is, did you copy from a photo somewhere? I think a lot of people still have a misconception about how to properly use reference. For beginners, study or copying for practice purpose is fine. But in the concept art or illustration world, you cannot do that. We use references to strengthen the look and feels of the piece. Look at the actual object and study them, not copying them right out.

how to use references for concept art

how to use references for concept art

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In making concept art or illustrations, there are many ways to use references. When you are making art for games, especially these days and age realism is very important. You have to make sure that what you make are accurate.

concept art tutorial

concept art tutorial

So I will show you how I use a reference to date just a few of buying a couple of my illustrations. Alright, let’s get started so here he’s closed up version
creation of a book cover that I did for some publication in Australia and in this one I use a lot of references to get to physically zoom in you see size but will overs public to be down about that big but I usually pick between two to three times bigger than it is when you see a bunch of like a strong like here you see all this craziness here pretty chaotic brush strokes.

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Use references in concept art

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