How to color Wonder Woman. Digital painting tutorial, Wonder Woman. This video shows you how to color Wonder Woman.

welcome today I am going to show you how I paint Wonder Women or how to color and Wonder Woman so this is the final with no simple white grey background and this is actually what I tender to look with this background I can assign a light source that you know what it actually coming from evike opinion on a white background.

how to color Wonder Woman

how to color Wonder Woman

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It is really hard to to see where the light and there will likely be coming from so he’s actually background I paint with gray background in the beginning I was in like my initial thought of anyone out there I draw really cartoony style I wonder women cuz I was watching to just this was this one so and then I kind of
Spain a little bit more time trying to make our stylized first take her little bit further so make it a little more realistic but if you notice the body the proportion they are still pretty much the same and the lighting basically use the lighting that I used from the style.

I stuff so basically it principle remains same delighting you want a realistic lighting either you put on stylized are you put on there really isn’t it’s it’s the lighting is the likely to have a good lighting outcomes usually is going to be okay so here and in Dec so anyways if you’ve never seen my tutorial before
you might want to check out some other basic tutorial just type in with you to search for a shopping tutorial and my name was something or go to my channel and check out the basic for shopping tutorial so you would understand the process of how usually do it or better yet you can just go to click on the right corner icon top right thing is a tough right top top right and then you

digital painting tutorial Wonder Woman

digital painting tutorial Wonder Woman

can download a preview show you all to process what I’m really doing some time on YouTube of just upload the first one
and then the papers are usually way better and you can get more of their stuff but I don’t have the paper should I wonder women have just gonna show you really quick so anyways but the basic
processes to say all right well let’s get started.

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How to color Wonder Woman

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