Layers management for character design. This video shows you my workflow in layers management for character design. How many layers to use in digital painting for character design. In this video, I am going to show you how I manage layers for character design. This is my usual process that I usually do when I create my character design for Guild Wars II or any of my clients like Square Enix, etc.

This is going to be quick tips on how I manage layers in the character design process. Somebody asked me on Youtube, how do I usually manage my
later when I made a character so here it is. The process is not universal. Other people do have a different way of managing
layers. And this is just my way of doing things so it’s not the only way.



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As you can see I separate character from the background in the final product. Because in case you want to put her into a new background, it is easy to do. So usually I would separate layers from the back to the front.
This one I have five to six main layers from bottom to top.
1) Shield
2) Hair from behind
3) Main body and head
4) Armor
5) Front arm
6) Front hair

This way, whenever I paint it doesn’t smear over other layers and unintentional part of the character. I can also use selection tool for a quick mask on each layer. This is the most useful way I find when designing a character. I can easily modify the outfit. I can change her hair style without having to repaint her face. I can add more layers on top of the armor. I can even add weapon and change background.

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Layers management for character design

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