Nomadic huntress digital painting tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to paint a nomadic huntress character design concept art. This tutorial will focus on composition, character design and a bit of environment painting. I paint this concept art for the Weekly Squibble Facebook group. I choose one of the following topics from this week, a nomadic. You can scroll down further to see step by step images with instruction.

nomadic huntress character design tutorial

nomadic huntress character design

In this tutorial, I start with a rough idea of a nomadic character. First who is she or he? Second, where is she from? Third, when or what time period? I decided that she is a hunter from the cold area in the post-apocalyptic time. Once you narrow it down like this, it should be easier for you to continue to design your concept.

My painting process usually begins with the base color for mood and location. I use purple and white to create a snowy steppe area with some big boulder in the back. The place covers with thick snow everywhere. I first explore the characters with a solid shape. Then I use different texture brushes to define form. I made a lot of Photoshop custom brushes for the job. I also use texture brushes to convey texture on their cloaks, armors, and gadgets. Then I add a Komondor as her companion. I then create a few trees in the foreground. Foreground helps create more depth in this image. At this point, I am only concern with shapes and composition.

Once I have my scene fully composed. I can add more detail and texture on these characters and set the lighting direction. At this stage, I change my focus to lighting to get the overall look and mood. In this case, I chose to backlight but slightly from the right. Then I add a bunch of black rocks on the ground around the snow. Once all the elements and composition is set with good lighting then we can begin to take it to final.

You have to first take care of the big shape then you can think about adding design and little detail.

I use a lot of normal layers and just paint like I would paint traditionally in this video. But with a lot of help from custom brushes.

Below is step by step.

digital painting step by step nomadic

digital painting step by step nomadic

nomadic huntress digital painting tutorial

nomadic huntress digital painting tutorial

Again I usually start my image from shapes and build those shape up along with composition in mind. The lighting and value.

Tips on a character design are three w.

1) who is she or he? 2) where is she from? 3) when or what time period?

Hope this can be really helpful to you all.

Nomadic huntress digital painting tutorial

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