Improve your painting skill with color palette. This video shows you how to choose the color palette. Using different color palettes will help you get to know different color combination. These color study will help you get better fast. It will also help you make better decision when choosing color scheme.

I am going to talk about how to set up your palette so that you can utilize it to set up mood. Utilize cool or warm color to create harmony in your painting. The way is simple, sample five prominent color from your favorite painting. Use the five to create your own palette. You can create more color from the five color that you sampled.
This will give you variety of color combination in your painting. And your portfolio will stand out because of the color schemes.

improve your painting skill with color palette

improve your painting skill with color palette

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You can use the following method and palettes.
-Color palettes from Master study
-Limited color palettes from actual master artists.
-Color palettes from animation studio visual development study
-Color palettes from cinematic screenshots.

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Improve your painting skill with color palette

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