How to color over line drawing. This video shows you how to color over line drawing for illustration. This digital painting tutorial also has step by step painting process if you scroll down further.

Here is coloring tutorial. I had this Mecha drawing of a StarCraft Marine I did years ago. I decided to use my seven years old drawing to color over. It is time to upgrade this StarCraft Marine drawing. I ended up spend a few hour on this painting. It was longer than my initial intention. I was only going to make a quick painting demo tutorial. But I decided that I have to make it look good.

The video also shows you how I break down complex shape into simpler geometry shapes. This makes it a lot easier for painting. Once I assign planes onto the object, I know how much light they would get. I also have to fix perspective on the drawing a bit. It was slightly off on some parts.

Here is the final image

how to color over line drawing

how to color over line drawing

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I first render the big shapes of the characters before any detail. At this stage, I use only default brush. I only use custom brushes when I need texture to convey materials. At this point, I am only concern with shapes. Next step is to make sure light and shadow are on the right places. I often use lasso tool to help me with bigger shapes. It is one of the best tool to make rendering faster in Photoshop.

Things to focus on
1) Identify big geometry shapes within the complex shape.
2) Make sure light and shadow is solid.
3) Then you can add detail and textures.

Below are step by step coloring over line drawing tutorial.

coloring over drawing tutorial

coloring over drawing tutorial

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How to color over line drawing

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