Using two light sources in character speed painting tutorial. This tutorial show you how to create a character design with two light sources to use in illustration. I spend about maybe forty minutes in this digital painting.

Here is the final speedpainting.

Using two light sources in character

two light sources speedpainting


I use Wacom tablet and Photoshop cs5. In this one I have to make background dark blue because I plan to have the light source show more with warm color. And the bounce light will have stronger effect on the character.

At first, I was making a skull warrior with chains and mace balls weapon. Then later on I want to paint some hair so I change it to a female warrior. One useful tips for digital painting is layers management. I usually put character on its own layer so that I can go back and make a selection when I needed to. Also I try to make lighting on its own layer if I can. It is a little tricky sometimes.

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Using two light sources in character

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