How to paint metal tutorial materials study.
This tutorial shows you how to paint metal or material study for concept art. You need to have some knowledge of basic lighting in this tutorial.
Learn to Draw and paint Metal, steel Armor knight digital illustration free step by step and video online tutorial. This concept art image was inspired by the description of Aegon Targaryen the Conqueror and his Dragon. He was the first Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and king on the Iron Throne, having conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms during the Conquest. He was the founder of the ruling Targaryen dynasty of Westeros.
Aegon was from the island of Dragonstone, the westernmost outpost of the Valyrian Freehold, which his family had settled over a century before the Doom of Valyria. According to Targaryen tradition, Aegon married within the family; however, instead of just one sister, he married both of them: his elder sister, Visenya, and his younger sister, Rhaenys. All three were dragonriders before they were wed.
Aegon was seen as an enigma. He was a solitary person whose only friend was Orys Baratheon. He was a great warrior who wielded a sword called Blackfyre but only rode his dragon for battle or travel and never entered tourneys.

aegon the conquerer 02

aegon the conquerer 02

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Tips on painting metal.
1) Control your value range
2) The highlight is usually very strong but small in general (depending on the exposure to light).
3) Metal usually have more range of value in comparison to cloth, wood and leather.

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How to paint metal tutorial materials study

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