Angel in the bottle concept art. This tutorial shows you how I paint with limited value and color range. This time I am experimenting with limited range again because it is a good practice. It takes less time to finish and possibly easier. What that mean is I have limited range of light and dark to painted with, including color palette. This one I choose cool range toward blue gray. If you look at your HSB (Hue, Saturation, and Brightness), the range of B I am painting with is between 30 and 85, no more and no less. It is still a very wide range of value I can use. Some time soon, I will experiment with narrower range.

This concept art I have is probably not what you have in mind of a typical angel in the bottle or genie in the bottle. I have an idea that set in the past, a native American discover an ancient object. He opened it then an ancient Mage like angel appears.

angel in bottle concept art

angel in bottle concept art

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Below are step by step how to paint Angel in the bottle concept art.

angel in bottle concept art

angel in bottle concept art

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Angel in the bottle concept art

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- Xia Taptara (黃曉聲 Huang XiaoShēng), currently a freelance concept artist for games and films, formerly a character concept artist for ArenaNet/NCsoft (GuildWars & Guildwars 2). I also work on various projects for Game of Thrones, Square-Enix, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Fight Games, Disney Interactive, and many publishers & clients. I use Wacom Tablet Intuos and Photoshop CS2,3,4,5 to do most of my professional art work. I use pencil, pen, and traditional medium in my free time. I founded ( in 2007 to motivate myself to create more and better art. Also I get to draw and paint whatever the hell I want to. Hopefully I can inspired some young soul and old soul alike. *QUESTIONS & COMMENT: PLEASE POST THEM ON THE BLOG. Business Inquiry please e-mail me.


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