Ice dragon vs Sun Wukong digital painting process. This one is my attempt to finish a painting from my Daily speedpainting dragon slayer. It was one of my speedpainting that I think has a good potential to be a good finish piece. I like the pose, composition and what going on in the image so I take it a bit further.
I spend about a few more hours or half a day on it. It has base lighting which I like along with good balance between cool and warm in the scene. In this post, I just develop more detail onto the ice dragon especially. I give him icy spike like texture all over his body and refine the design of the creature a bit more. But I have to be careful not to interfere too much with the existing value and foundation.
I also touch up the background a bit and dress up the main character to be like Sun Wukong. After I finished up the ice dragon and Sun Wukong, I realize that I still have a lot of work to do on the background and the foreground. Especially the foreground, I still have to work out a bit more on the composition and correct the light.
I thought I might be able to finish it up in the next round. Below is what I have now, still work in process.

ice dragon vs Sun Wukong

ice dragon vs Sun Wukong WIP

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Below are step by step painting process

ice dragon digital painting process

ice dragon digital painting process

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Ice dragon vs Sun Wukong digital painting process

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