Digital painting tutorial lightening knight. This tutorial shows you a simple process of how to paint digitally in Photoshop. I use Wacom tablet intuo large (medium will do just fine). The topic was given from a spitpaint group on facebook and I join in pretty much everyday. Then I have an idea of a Knight with lightening supernatural power. Now I have a character then I am thinking what happen to the character in term of story telling. Then I have him fighting a Griffon.
After I have some king of event or story in mind, I will set a composition at the same time as I am establishing action shot. I will use rule of third to set up the scene. In this tutorial, the character will be in mid-ground layer, that’s where I like the action to happen. And I like to position the focal point in mid-ground. Then I set up the Griffon on a foreground which you can only see his massive head. And I have the knight uses his electro chock frying the Griffon in action.
The scene is set to be at night in snow region so the light source is coming from where the spark occurs.

*Sorry no video for this tutorial*

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Below are step by step how I paint this Lightening Knight vs Griffon.

digital painting tutorial lighting knight

digital painting tutorial lighting knight

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Digital painting tutorial lightening knight

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