Daily speedpainting dragon slayer. In this speedpaint, I actually had a good idea in mind of of what I want to paint. I can already see the composition in my head. I was first thinking about the after movement on the figure and had him stand on the right side of the frame grounded after the massive punch. To show the weight of his punch I had to find something gigantic and massive to show that this punch is megaton. So a couple candidates came to my mind. Either a dragon or a dinosaur would fits well in this scene. I chose the dragon. I pick the scene in snow because I feel comfortable painting snow landscape since I have not done speedpainting regularly in a long time. And this time I was attempting to record it.
I plan to have the scene in mostly overcast and some bright sun further away. I like this type of lighting in painting cinematic scope concept art because it show strong silhouette and the light from far far away enhance the foreground and mid ground.

In the end, I decide to put a staff in the figure and make him Sun Wukong. Because who else could punch like that. Only him and Mike Tyson. He always fight with huge dragon and this time he just defeated the ice dragon. But since I limited myself in this speedpainting thingy to 30 minutes. I couldn’t really done much but composed the scene and established lighting. I would work on it some more when I have time, but it has a good potential. Also I use the existing speedpainting of a mountain *see video tutorial here: Environmental concept trekking Tatra mountains to paint over because it is a lot quicker to get color palette. See the image below.

Speedpainting Megaton Punch

Speedpainting Megaton Punch

Watch the video tutorial how I draw and paint speedpainting Megaton punch.
***video is coming in a week or two**

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Below are step by step how I draw and paint the image.

speedpainting tutorial punch

speedpainting tutorial punch

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Daily speedpainting dragon slayer

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