Daily speedpainting deadly tadpoles today. This one I also save some process of how I approach the final result. It took me about 30 minutes to complete this one and I am kind of happy how it turn out. Usually color is not my best asset, but this one I start to get the hang of it. Still I have no idea how I really get the bright happy color turn out the way it did. It is still look real enough to my taste. I am more fond of mute palette but I would like to spend more time studying color.
It might be because I had a really clean image in my head of what I want the image to be. From the topic given, I know right away that I want a small backyard pool with electric tadpoles. That might explain how I am more confident with color in this image because I know exactly what I want without having to fool around on the canvas.

Here is the final image.

deadly tadpoles speedpainting

deadly tadpoles speedpainting

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I have not done video on this one because I still need more time to ease in to daily speedpainting. It is distracting to record. Whenever I try in the past week. The paintings don’t turned out so good.

Below are step by step of how I paint this one.

speedpainting step by step

speedpainting step by step

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Daily speedpainting deadly tadpoles

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