This is another one of my attempt to do a daily speedpaint or digital painting sketch in Photoshop. Once in a while I will take an old painting and paint over like what I do with this one. It is very common for concept artist to totally paint over the old painting and make it looks like something else. To me, it is a lot faster, because you already have color palette set within your painting. You can always introduce a few new color as you paint and if it fits. If you want speed and short on time with your assignment, this is the way to go. Plus, it helps when you stare onto the blank canvas and cannot come up with anything. When you already have some random paint on it, it is a lot easier to progress and add random shapes until you come up with something decent.

My initial idea was to make a plant with blades but it turns into a jungle with tons of tree with spiky thrones. And I have an idea of adding a little girl with chainsaw in it just to add some sense of humor.
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So here is a quick concept art and study for Razor Sharp Plants.

speed painting razor sharp plants

speed painting razor sharp plants

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Daily Speedpainting Razor Sharp Plant

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