Drawing creature design tutorial episode 1. I am a big fan of great creature design since I was a kid. I watched a lot re-run Japanese superhero’s shows that involve new monster every episode such as Karmen Rider series, Ultraman series, and so on. As a concept artist, though I specialize in characters and armors, I get to do creatures from time to time. Godzilla is one of those things that always will have special place in my heart. Then comes along Alien and Predator, well I wasn’t that into StarWars then.

Here is my first Kaiju (Hakao).

Kaiju creature design drawing tutorial

Kaiju creature design drawing tutorial

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Anyway, after I saw a new Godzilla’s Trailer a couple days ago. I was so excited so I thought I would design my series of Kaijus starting now. This will be somewhat basic pencil and paper tutorials, but I will add on more thought and conceptual behind the idea along in my video tutorial. One most important thing if you want to design awesome creature. You have to know how to draw animals well. All type of animals will help you understand how they work mechanically and aesthetically.

Below are step by step how to draw to go along with the video.

how to draw Kaiju creature design

how to draw Kaiju creature design

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Drawing creature design tutorial episode 1

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