How to draw Rhino from Spider-Man 2. This tutorial is a bit fast and complex than basic drawing for beginners. If you just start drawing, this is probably not for you. Thought you will more or less get some valuable information from the video tutorial if you watch it. This tutorial is tailor to artists who already know how to draw. If you have some experience in drawing and digital painting, you should not have a problem following this video tutorial. This is another video on my daily sketch series, and I’m focusing on shapes and forms, instead of drawing lines. It is one of the good way study and improve your art skill using form to draw.

rhino villain spider-man drawing

rhino villain spider-man drawing

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Brawn over brains. The Rhino is an adversary of the amazing Spider-Man and incredible Hulk. His suit grants him immense endurance and strength. Aleksei Sytsevich was a poor immigrant from Russia who was desperate to pay for the rest of his family and came to the United States. With little education and no real skills, the only paying jobs he could get were using his impressive strength and musculature as an enforcer for various criminal organizations. Seduced by promises of wealth and power, Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments to transform him after several months into the superhumanly strong agent for a collective of professional spies.

Below are step by step drawing Rhino.

how to draw Rhino from Spider-Man

how to draw Rhino from Spider-Man

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How to draw Rhino from Spider-Man

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