Return of Condor Hero, Yang Guo, sketch. It’s been a while since I update the blog. I need to catch up and blogging regularly. Though I now update my Youtube video on the weekly basis. Many people suggested that I should update more frequently. So I am thinking I could just post a couple sketches here more frequent, even without tutorial on it.
I get some free time off from my freelance projects. So I have a bit of spare time to do some personal work. I am a big fan of Wuxia novels and TV series, especially anything by Louis Cha (Jing Yong 金庸). This sketch is my version of Yang Guo 杨过 and XiaoLongNu 小龙女 from Return of the Condor Hero, 神鵰俠侶. I am hoping to make cool illustration to all of my favorite characters from Jing Yong’s novels. They are like Game of Thrones of the East. I am thinking about sketching some Dongfang Bubai next. This one takes me a few hours.
I will probably take it further since it might have some potential to be a good piece.

yang guo sketch 小龙女

yang guo sketch 小龙女

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Return of Condor Heroes Yang Guo sketch

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