Painting Monkey King tutorial. Sun WuKong 孙悟空 Here is another one of my latest art work. I made this painting and video on Youtube to celebrate the milestone of 100,000 subscribers on my art tutorial channel. Thank you for all your support.

Here is a final painting of The Monkey King, Sun WuKong 孙悟空

monkey king concept art

monkey king concept art

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The painting is a really quick conceptual painting of a character along with rough environment. The overall purpose of this quick painting is to capture the essence of the moment in frame. In this, I am try to capture his pose, mood and some elements of something interesting is happening. In the past, I usually think in term of technical first and foremost. I will think of composition, character design, light source and so on. For a long time I find that my art work is lack of something strong which I didn’t know what. I felt disconnect with my work emotionally without realizing it. I just figure out recently how to connect my feeling with the piece by working on my own comics. Because only when you really want to say something, you have emotional connection with what you want to express. Same as telling story, if you have a story to tell, the bond between you and your piece will be stronger. I think it really helps with the painting result enormously.
Reading a lot of novels has been helping me a lot in story telling and connection between emotion and story.
So my new trick is to find a story or event to tell first. Make it an interesting event then put it into a frame. Once you have the first strong foundation of feeling, then follow what the technical knowledge I already have. I can then check the composition and scene if it is captivating enough. Check the pose if it is conveying what the character is trying to do. Then lighting or values, edges and so on.

Below are step by step image to watch along with video.

painting monkey king tutorial digital

painting monkey king tutorial digital

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Painting Monkey King tutorial

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