One minute gesture drawing from life with ballpoint pen. This one is from May 19, 2013. Many people asked me what kind of paper do I draw on.  I usually use a 50lb /74 gsm acid free sketchbook,  .  For smaller drawing I use Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads 9 in. x 12 in. – pad of 100, for bigger and more detail drawing I use Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper Pad – 11 x 14 Inches and Strathmore Series 400 Premium Recycled Sketch Pads 14 in. x 17 in. pad of 100.
Strathmore sketchbook has good quality paper for a decent price, you will not find a better paper. I have use them for over ten years. Strathmore makes high quality paper for serious art student and professional alike. Even if you are someone who just sketches now and then as a hobby, it is good enough to keep your work for years to come. Though I usually toss them away now and then because they aren’t that pricey compare to drawing pad.

Gesture Sketches below.

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Gesture drawing with ballpoint pen

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