Mohawk zombie character design tutorial. This is another cartoon character that goes with my other kid zombie design tutorial. Again, I am trying to design different style of characters and I am having a blast drawing and painting these zombie characters. This is one big mean looking zombie kid with a mohawk. The look of the character can also show what kind of personality or attitude he has.

Here is a final quick character concept for a cartoon character mohawk zombie.

mohawk zombie character concept

mohawk zombie character concept

Below are step by step how to paint a cartoon character concept for a mohawk zombie.  Similar the the previous kid zombie post.  First, I draw very rough line to create a very loose character sketch.  Second step, I fill in some grey tone to create his massive form.  At this point, you have to already pick your light source.  Step three, I then choose select colors then paint over it.  Step four to six, identify light and shadow then finish the painting.

how to  paint mohawk zombie character tutial

how to paint mohawk zombie character tutial

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Mohawk zombie character design tutorial

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