How to draw kid zombie tutorial. This tutorial I was inspired by playing a lot of casual games and their simple design. I used to draw a lot of simple character when I was a kid. But I as grow older, I am interested in a more realistic side of the art. Though there are cartoon character designs that look simple but they are not. It takes a lot of hard work to study real human’s figures, animal anatomy, trees and so on to be able to design a cool looking cartoon. If you ever see any of Disney or Pixar or DreamWork films then you know exactly what I am talking about. I have many friends who works for those films and they regularly going to life drawing and the zoo to study. There are always room for improvement and to be inspired even if you are already a pro.
Everyone loves zombie and so do I so am doing a few zombie character designs. We are going to start with a little kid first. I thought the zombie that would scare me the most would be a kid because I don’t know what to do with it. Though I still want to convey a degree of cuteness in some way because it is art. Here we go.

Here is a final quick sketch of a kid zombie.

kid zombie drawing

kid zombie drawing

Watch video tutorial, how to draw kid zombie.

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Below are step by step drawing kid zombie tutorial.  Step one, I compose basic geometry shape to form a head and body (with arms and legs).  Step two, I draw a skull shape design on the head or face.  Step three, I add hair and more detail on facial feature.  Step four, I draw contemporary clothing on him.

how to draw kid zombie

how to draw kid zombie

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How to draw kid zombie

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- Xia Taptara (黃曉聲 Huang XiaoShēng), currently a freelance concept artist for games and films, formerly a character concept artist for ArenaNet/NCsoft (GuildWars & Guildwars 2). I also work on various projects for Game of Thrones, Square-Enix, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Fight Games, Disney Interactive, and many publishers & clients. I use Wacom Tablet Intuos and Photoshop CS2,3,4,5 to do most of my professional art work. I use pencil, pen, and traditional medium in my free time. I founded ( in 2007 to motivate myself to create more and better art. Also I get to draw and paint whatever the hell I want to. Hopefully I can inspired some young soul and old soul alike. *QUESTIONS & COMMENT: PLEASE POST THEM ON THE BLOG. Business Inquiry please e-mail me.


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