Kaladin character concept sketch. This one is another morning sketch. This sketch is inspired by another book of my favorite fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive). I actually record the shading proceed in Photoshop, but unfortunately Camtasia is going turbo on me and corrupted my file. So no video, I use Camtasia thousand of times and I am very sure it is not my doing.
I start scribble with ballpoint pen to get a basic idea out, nothing fancy. I don’t think there is a need for a video tutorial here. I will just assume if you follow my blog long enough, you should already know how to draw basic figure like this. If not, you can just go find tutorial under “body”, “man” on top of the blog, you should find basic drawing video along with detail instruction.
After I have a rough sketch I then take a digital photo with my HTC phone. If you want to take time to scan, that your choice. But I figure, I am going to completely paint over anyway, digital camera will do. I do not need high quality line for this.
Then I import it into my PC and use Photoshop paint over it. I also use Wacom tablet, not mouse.
Kaladin the Bridgeman captain from Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings. A little over 30 minutes.

A bit about Kaladin: Kaladin is one of the main protagonists in The Way of Kings. An accomplished spear man, he also appears to be a natural leader. He is also referred to by some as Stormblessed, because of the luck he supposedly brings. He is one of two known Windrunners.

This is a very very early idea that I have. So I would probably do another one. My character design process usually take a one to five sketches to get one just right. But for now here is version one.

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Kaladin character concept sketch version 1

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