Steel Inquisitor really quick concept sketch. This is by no means an actual concept art but a mere quick sketch. I am trying to make a good habit of doing quick sketch every weekday morning of whatever I can think of at the time. This time I am inspired by a Mistborn novel. Mistborn : Final Empire Series (Book #1) (Mistborn, Book 1) Steel Inquisitor is one of the characters from Brandon Sanderson’s Misborn.

This one takes me about an hour. It doesn’t turn out like how I wanted it to be. I am not happy about this concept. Though I thought I’d post it anyway since I already spend that much time on it. This one I start with pen sketch which I like it a lot more than that of the final B/W piece.

A bit about Steel Inquisitor: An Inquisitor is the ultimate fighting machine. Bestowed hemalurgically with all the allomantic powers commonly known during the Final Empire as well as some of the feruchemical powers, they are some of the most powerful creatures in the empire.
Among the hemalurgic spikes that an Inquisitor receives, two are driven through the eyes of each Inquisitor. It is unknown whether this positioning is necessary for the effectiveness of the hemalurgy, or whether the Lord Ruler simply wanted to inspire fear in the public by the gruesome effect this had on the Inquisitors’ appearance. Regardless, this left the Inquisitors without eyes, but still able to see through constantly burning Steel and/or Iron.

I will probably redo it and post a more decent character concept of the Steel Inquisitor some time in the future. I usually do many sketches then pick one in my character design process at ArenaNet for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. This is just the first draft. More to come.

steel inquisitor conceptual sketch

steel inquisitor conceptual sketch

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Steel Inquisitor quick concept sketch version 1

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