Painting cloud in Photoshop video tutorial and step by step images. In this post, I will show you how to paint cloud (could be fog) using Photoshop. Though you could use Gimp, Corel Painter, or ArtRage to achieve similar result. These program are sufficient enough to make beautiful painting as long as you know how to really paint.
In this painting, I already have a character design that I did for a client without the background. Then I thought I should paint cloud to add to environment and complete the painting. My thought on painting cloud is a mix feeling. At time it seems easy but other time it seems really difficult to make it look like a cloud. Because cloud is formless yet has form. A really careful observation is needed to successfully execute really good looking cloud. Another important thing to consider is to place light and dark into the proper area of your illustration to maintain good composition.

Here is a final image of a caster elf surrounded by cloud.

painting storm cloud

painting storm cloud

Watch video tutorial, how to paint cloud in Photoshop.
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Below are step by step how to paint cloud in Photoshop tutorial.  Step one, I bring my stand alone character in and give it enough area for the background.  I did not want to place her in the center of the image (basic composition reason, you should know why).  Step two, I paint in darker area first to set up the composition.  Step three, I establish harder edges first for the shape of clouds between dark and light.  Step four, I then slowly introduce soft edge in some of the transition area.  Step five, I add texture to the cloud and lightening.  Step five, refine and finish your illustration.

how to paint cloud in Photoshop tutorial

how to paint cloud in Photoshop tutorial

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Painting cloud in Photoshop tutorial

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