This is part two on Shattered plains thumbnails sketches. Below are some really quick thumbnails that I did for shattered plains environmental concept. The purpose of thumbnails is to convey the early stage of idea. They are usually really quick and scribbly just to get the idea across.
These concept of shattered plains is inspired by a great fantasy novel, The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) by Brandon Sanderson.
The Shattered Plains are a located on the boarder of the Frostlands and Unclaimed Hills formerly part of the Kingdom of Natanatan. They are aptly named, as the terrain of the Plains consists of huge numbers of plateaus of various sizes, surrounded on all sides by deep chasms. It is unknown what caused the landscape to form this way.

Below are the rest of the thumbnail sketches I did for shattered plains. I will eventually pick some of these (including part 1) and paint over.

Shattered plains thumbnails concept sketches

Shattered plains thumbnails concept sketches

The first one is a group of bridgemen trying to lay down the bridge so that they can cross to the other plain across from them.  Second to the right is some idea of possibly each plain are connected in some form of a branches.  Though it probably doesn’t fit the original idea but I could keep this one for unrelated topic but fun environmental concept.   The one on the far right is just a group of bridgemen in camp fire with huge boulders around them on a plain.  Bottom left, top view of a similar idea to the very first one.  The last one in the bottom is very generic ideal of shattered plains.  It is very similar to the idea from the first part, Shattered plains environmental concept sketches, because I ran out of idea at this point.

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Shattered plains thumbnails sketches part 2

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