Painting rock and water background tutorial. This tutorial I will show my process of how I develop a concept and paint background for my illustration. I already have the character done for a client a while back. Usually if I work on a character by itself I will have it on a separate transparent layer. I thought the character turns out quite well so I thought I would spend some time working on a background for her so I can have a full page of illustration instead of just stand alone character.
I have an idea of she standing in front of a water fall in some cave coverage area. I got the idea while I was watching the discovery channel or wild china, I cannot remember. But one of those.
I started out with outlining the composition with boulders and rock then finish off with water area. You can see step by step images below the video.

In this tutorial I use Photoshop CS5 or CS6 and Wacom Intuo tablet.

I also record a video process so hopefully it will help you guys understand my approach a bit better than just looking at still image. It is not a full length but it is enough for you to get the idea watching the painting video tutorial.

Here is a final illustration of a character with rock and water.

 assassin in waterfall photoshop tutorial

assassin in waterfall photoshop tutorial

Watch a video tutorial how to paint rock and water background.

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Below are step by step process of how I paint rocks and boulders that are all over the background.

painting background tutorial photoshop

painting background tutorial photoshop

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Painting rock and water background tutorial

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