Man of steel digital painting tutorial. In this tutorial, I demonstrate my painting process in a video tutorial from basic blocking in paint to finish rough compostion painting of Man of Steel or Superman. This version of superman bases on the new movie Superman, Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder’s and to be released in 2013

This tutorial is specially design for those of you who already know their way around Photoshop and familiar with digital painting process. It could also be good for beginners, but it will be very fast. This art instruction is suitable for those who aspire to have a career in concept art, comics, and illustration for video games and movies. This process I didn’t actaully start from line drawing, but blocking in mess shapes. Then I paint basic suggestive light and shadow in gray scale value. After I have all the basic information I need, I will paint over the whole image with color. Learn from professional concept artist Xia Taptara at

I just saw a jaw-dropping trailer that didn’t just prove director Zack Snyder was saving the best for last, but rocketed the film to the rank of most anticipated superman film in a long time. As even more evidence that the Superman story speaks to comic fans and the uninitiated alike, the approach taken by Snyder – just focus on the story, not the fans – seems to be paying off.

Here is a final speedpainting of Man of Steel.

Watch a video tutorial how to paint Man of Steel.

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Below are step by step painting process to help you understand along with the video tutorial.

man of steel digital painting tutorial

man of steel digital painting tutorial

At this stage, I start painting over gray scale with color.

man of steel photoshop painting tutorial

man of steel photoshop painting tutorial

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Man of steel digital painting tutorial

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