In this post I will show you how to draw a vulture in a video instruction and step by step still images. I have been doing some animal drawing study for a few days. My subject is birds of pray and this time I pick griffon vulture to draw. I always thought it has a very interesting and unique feature from its head, neck, and form. It reminds me of some evil monster birds from down under.
The Griffon Vulture is a large Old World vulture in the bird of prey family. Like other vultures, it is a scavenger, feeding mostly from carcasses of dead animals which it finds by soaring over open areas, often moving in flocks.
There are many different kinds of birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, vultures, owl, etc. This sketch is done with Photoshop CS5 and a Wacom tablet. They are my weapon of choices because it is so convenient.

Here is a finish drawing study of Griffon vulture. It takes me about forty minutes total.

griffin vulture drawing

griffin vulture drawing

Here is a video tutorial how to draw a griffon vulture.

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Below are step by step drawing of a griffon vulture.

how to draw vulture

how to draw vulture

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How to draw a vulture

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