World war Z zombie hunters inspired character concept design. Well, actually I had these idea of two character in mind long time ago. I did a painting of the two zombie hunters four years ago right when I had the idea involving zombie. Then a year ago I read Max Brooks’s “The Zombie Survival Guide” and I fell in love with the logic and all the rational explanation on how to survive Zombie apocalypse. It is one of the best well written on the subject.
Well, as I look back at the painting I did four years ago. I think I could do a better one. It is a good practice to bring your old work and improve on it in my opinion. Frank Frazetta, the master, also repaint some of his work later on. So it was not just me who think along that same line. I believe you could learn a lot from trying to improve your old work (if you have time). I usually pick a few work that was two or three years old that I did or older. If any of them have potential to be better when repaint, I will work on it. For some of the work that are honestly hopeless to repaint, I will just leave them alone.
You can learn a lot about your progress. For this one, I had really weak lighting and character’s attitude, including her portrait execution. So I basically rework on her portrait.  Then I improve on the detail of the gas mask guy and overall lighting.  I also make some changes on her skin tone because the older version look a lot less realistic and not quite suitable for realistic skin tone.  I also rework on the color richness on the metal parts.

I changed her weapon because I got inspire by World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide.  Cross bow make a lot more sense than loud shot gun.  Though I have to keep the gas mask dude’s flame thrower and her other shotgun pistol.  Flame thrower is just cool factor for character design and purely from an art stand point.  And her shotgun pistol remains because she still has a belt full of shotgun ammunition.

My recommendation?  pick some of your older work and work on a few, you will see some good result and you will find out just how much you have improved over the years.

World War Z hunters

World War Z hunters

Here is the older work from four years ago before I re-paint it in August 2012.

zombie hunters

zombie hunters

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World war Z zombie hunters

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