Warrior in armor character design tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you a rough character concept painting Warrior armor. This is a step by step process of quick sketch to take your design into more detail with just black and white or achromatic. Or you can use monochromatic if you like, there is not much different.
I just finally get some times to sit around the computer on my free time to doodle out something. Lots of you have ask me about how I did character and armor concept in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 so in this post and several following post. I am going to try to show you the sketching, drawing and painting process of what I usually do for armors. Well, it is very similar to what I usually do with portraits and figures tutorials except there are more element involve, like materials (metal, cloth, leathers, etc.) that you will have to use values to convey the different between each material.
Thanks for all the kind words, comments and support you guys and girls have for TheArtClasses.com (idrawgirls.com) I am glad this blog and website along with all the drawing and painting video tutorial serve its purpose. Not only you guys benefit from it, but also me. 🙂 I am also hoping to progressing in my ability to execute a nice looking painting and concept art. And little by little, painting after painting over years I think I’ve progress a little also. It’s really hard from time to time to find the way to achieve the result I really wanted. Painting is still really hard for me, to get better it takes a combination of a lot of things including lots of practice, observation and experiment and more. Anyway, here is what I have so far for the Barbaric Warrior type guy in armor. This one took me about 30-40 minutes or so because I didn’t have any design in mind to begin with. It takes quite a bit of time to think of design and form altogether. So from here, the design might change here and there, but its essence should remain. I’m just designing on the go because I do this all the time so it is just a bit of struggle, but not so much. If I would concept environmental or props, I would have to look at tons of references and do a lot of thumbnails because I am not familiar with the elements. This remind me, before you do any concept design, don’t forget thumbnails.

dark warrior character concept art

dark warrior character concept art WIP

Below are step by step early stage or sketch of a character development.

how to draw dark warrior character design

how to draw dark warrior character design

Then here is what I have so far.

painting character in Photoshop rough

painting character in Photoshop rough

Then I get some more time to continue fleshing out this drawing or painting of this dark barbaric warrior character. I was just design the character on the go though I do have some kind of a theme in mind but not totally flesh out.
As I paint I adapt the costume design and armor to what I see fits the mood of the character. In this session, I just get to finish up the design of the helmet mostly and part of the armor. There is still a lot of lighting and painting to be done.
Hopefully I will get some more time to work on it again this weekend.

character design process monochrome

character design process monochrome

If you are interested in character design tutorial in depth detail and over two hours of instruction. Support the website and check out our premium drawing and painting tutorial below. Each premium tutorial goes into a lot more detail than the free tutorial.  Click on the image below for more detail.
character design tutorial 1 warriorcharacter design 2 female paladin

Continue to part two character design coloring process.

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Warrior in armor character design tutorial

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