Learn to draw Big Barda, a female character from DC comics. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a character Barda, simple instruction with step by step drawing examples. Around 250 years ago, on the hellish planet known as Apokolips, Big Breeda gave birth to a daughter whom she named Barda. The child was taken from Breeda at a very young age to be trained as a warrior in Darkseid’s army. Barda became one of her world’s greatest warriors and the leader of Darkseid’s personal guard: the Female Furies. Eventually Barda found love and defected from Apokalips to be with Mister Miracle, her future husband.
Whether you come up with your own pose or reference, careful planning will make your drawing a lot faster and easier. It is also very helpful make the initial sketch simple by break anatomy or body parts down into simple geometry shapes. The easy way to draw is to rough sketch clear and simple geometry shape, then draw detail over. It is like layering process, you build detail on top of solid foundation. You can even take your drawing into a more realistic stage by layering process. In this drawing, I make her pose in a generic natural stance front view with her clinching fist up. I draw all her body and partial legs. It is very important have some knowledge of anatomy as an artist if you want to be a professional commercial artist. I would strongly recommend attending life drawing session nearest you and get anatomy for artists book for reference.

Barda DC comicsBarda DC comics

Barda DC comics

Below are step by step how to draw Barda.  Step one, sketch a rough oval shape then a few lines for facial measurement.  If you are new, go see instruction in detail at how to draw face for detail instruction.  Step two, draw her eye, nose, and lips along the guidelines.  Step three, add a few lines to start her hair, then rough torso.  Step four, draw her chest, arms, and forearms with rough shape for her fist.  Step five, now continue drawing her pelvis and thighs.  Step six, draw her muscle detail and costume over the body.
learn to draw Barda from DC comics

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learn to draw Barda from DC comics

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How to draw Barda

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