How to draw Mercury, a chracter from Marvel comic. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a character Mercury, Cessily Kincaid, simple instruction with step by step drawing examples. Mercury was a junior member of the X-Men. Her mutant power transformed her entire body into living liquid metal. Although continually struggling to accept her mutant form, she has made strong friendships with other young mutants under the X-Men’s care.
First thing, you should observe a character carefully and break it down into simple geometry shapes. Whether you come up with your own pose or reference, careful planning will make your drawing a lot faster and easier. It is also very helpful make the initial sketch simple. It is easier to rough sketch clear and simple geometry shape, then draw detail over all the way to finish drawing. It is like layering process, you build detail on top of solid foundation. In this drawing, I decided to have her look to the side with her arm up as pointing in the direction. I will draw her body and partial legs. It is very important have some knowledge of anatomy as an artist if you want to be a professional commercial artist. I would strongly recommend attending life drawing session nearest you and get anatomy for artists book for reference.

Mercury from X men comics

Mercury from X men comics

Below are step by step how to draw Mercury from X-men.  Step one, sketch her head in geometry shape as instruct below.  *For more detail go see how to draw female face, it will explain steps in depth.  Step two, draw her facial feature over the previous sketch.  Now, draw her rib cage to build her torso and body.  Step four, add her chest, arm and abdominal muscles.  Step five, start drawing her legs and arms.  Step six, finish up by adding muscle detail and costume.

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How to draw Mercury

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