How to draw Domino from Marvel comics. In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a Domino, Neena Thurman, easy to follow step by step drawing. Neena was one of many children born to the U.S. government’s Project: Armageddon, designed to genetically engineer the perfect weapon using a precognitive mutant named Beatrice. Domino was the result of top-secret government breeding program known as Project: Armageddon, made specifically to create the perfect weapon and genetically engineer fighting soldiers. Out of the test subjects. Before I begin to draw something, I will observe the subject and break it down into simple geometry shapes first. I will always make the drawing or initial sketch simple, that way it is easier when you draw more detail on top of the simple shapes. In this drawing, you will see Domino in a natural front view, slightly three quarter, standing pose. I will only draw the top half of the character. It is very important have some knowledge of anatomy as an artist, specially if you want to be a professional commercial artist. Though you don’t have to know every muscles on the body, but it is still very important to make sure that the visible anatomy is correct. The best way I would suggest to learn anatomy is to to attend life drawing session nearest you.

Domino from Marvel comics

Domino from Marvel comics

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Below are step by step how to draw Domino.  Step one, I sketched a head and torso very roughly.  Step two, I added construction lines on her face and anatomical necessity on her torso.  Step three, I drew eyes, nose and mouth along the construction lines.  Step four, I refine the drawing with dark finer lines.  Step five, I drew her pelvis and thighs.  Step six, I added more detail to her outfit and finished the drawing.

How to draw Domino from Marvel

How to draw Domino from MarvelHow to draw Domino from Marvel

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How to draw Domino

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