How to draw Manga character Sailor Pluto. Sailor Pluto is a Sailor Senshi and the guardian of Space-Time Door. Her civilian identity is Setsuna Meiō. When the Messiah of Silence appeared, Pluto rejoined the Outer Soldiers in the present. Her role in the founding and operation of Crystal Tokyo is not given in any of the Sailor Moon continuity however they were added for main characters. In this tutorial you will learn to draw Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon with basic instruction for beginners. First you will have to simplify your sketch because it is the easiest way to draw anything. The step by step images will explain how to draw the easy way. You will learn manage and simplify a complex drawing. You will learn how to break down complex Manga drawing in to simple shape to start with. Then add necessary detail to complete the drawing that will look presentable.

Sailor Pluto Anime drawing

Sailor Pluto Anime

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Below are step by step how to draw Sailor Pluto.  Step one, I drew a rough head shape.  Step two, I added eyes, nose, mouth and some hair.  Step three, I drew more hair and upper body.  Step four, I added bow and arm.  Step five, I drew her skirt.  Step six, I drew both legs and her rod.  Done!

how to draw Anime Sailor Pluto

how to draw Anime Sailor Pluto

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How to draw Sailor Pluto

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