How to draw Anime character, Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars is one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System. Her civillian identity is Rei Hino or Raye Hino. In this tutorial you will learn to draw a Manga character Sailor Mars, Rai Hino. I will show you step by step drawing her face and full body with long legs in a natural stance pose. This version of Sailor Mars Anime drawing is almost Chibi look alike Manga. I like the original character but I have to apply my Chibi take onto this one. I have not seen Rai in many SD or Chibi form so I am doing it. Hope you like my version. Usually when I start a drawing, I did rough sketch. I usually start my rough sketch with simple geometry shapes to construct the basic Manga head and body. By following this process, you will find drawing is lot easier. It is very important to get the shape and proportion right in the beginning. If you understand its basic foundation, it will be easier to draw anything. If you want to be good at drawing, you will have to practice at least a few hours a day.
Her dominant color was red and her accent color was blue. Her salior suit featured a red collar, a purple bow, a red skirt, a red back bow, red high heels, six-pointed red star earrings, and a red stoned tiara. In the early manga, a red pendent lies in the middle of her belt. Like the other members of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mars’s original design was fully unique. It featured an alternate bow, double shoulder guards, plate-armor, elaborate jewelry, and a gold rimmed mask.

Sailor Mar Anime Rai Hino セーラーマーズ

Sailor Mar Anime Rai Hino

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Below are step by step how to draw Sailor Mars Rai Hino.  Step one, I just sketched a rough circular shapes with measurement lines.  Step two, I drew both eyes inside the paralleled horizontal lines, then nose and lip.  I also added her hair bang in front and two buns on top.  Step three, I sketched rough outline of her body.  Step four, I added detail on her shoulder with bow and navy collars.  Also I sketched out both her arms.  Step five, I finished up both her hands.  Step six, I drew her mini skirt, legs, and finished up the rest of her body.

how to draw Anime sailor mars

how to draw Anime sailor mars

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How to draw Sailor Mars

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