Concept art tutorial drawing Yaoshi or Huang Yaoshi from Chinese Wuxia novel Condor Heroes. Huang Yaoshi (黄药师) was one of the Original Five Greats of Wulin in the Condor Trilogy. He also goes by the nickname of the Eastern Heretic. In this tutorial, you will see step by step how I usually do my early stage of concept art or rough concept sketch of anti-hero Yaoshi. You will learn to draw emotionless face design and his ancient traditional Chinese costume design.
This tutorial will show you basic guideline and principle of character concept design for video games or comics. This one is another attempt to create a character design inspire by the Wuxia novel again (Yes, I am in love with the series since I was a little kid). Yet another tribute to tribute to Condor Hero (射鵰英雄傳 -pinyin: shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn) series by Jin Rong or Louis Cha (查良鏞).
This time is one of the Original Five Greats of Wulin, this is my depiction or conceptualize of how Huang Yaoshi (黄药师) or Eastern Heretic would look like. The concept art image is still in process, will update all the way to the finished painting in color sometimes soon.
All his life, Huang Yaoshi continued to hone and improve his martial arts. It was during this time that the Genuine Scriptures of Nine Yin (Jiu Yin Zhen Jing) appeared in the realm of martial arts. Many martial artists had died over this scripture; everyone wanted to claim this manual. The situation became more and more chaotic as about a hundred martial artists had already died over this manual.
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Hand to hand combat skills: Jade Waves Palm, Complex Five Turns, Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm, Air Slicing Palm, Finger Flicking Skill.
Weapon skills: Jade Flute Swordplay, Jade Leaking Silver Pushing Sword, Three Fork and Three Palm Styles.
Internal skills: Neigong -A set of Chinese breathing, meditation and spiritual practice disciplines associated with Daoism and especially the Chinese martial arts. Qinggong -Its use has been exaggerated in Wuxia fiction, where martial artists (or pugilists) have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls, mounting trees, appearing as though they can fly.

Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

Eastern Heretic Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

Alternate version of Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

Young Huang Yaoshi 黄药师

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Below are step by step how I make my conceptual sketch for character design. I usually do several sketches like the one above before I pick a few qualified images of many to paint and process to final color concept. I usually start with simple figure drawing with poses that convey character’s personality. Once you have figure and poses figure out then I will go into facial design. I usually read the description carefully and get to know the character persona. Once I have the idea of what kind of character this is, then I will do quick thumbnail sketch of facial type and body type. The process of designing faces could be separate from the whole body. It is important to integrate strong personality into your the initial sketch first.
concept art tutorial drawing Huang Yaoshi

concept art tutorial drawing Huang Yaoshi

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Concept art tutorial drawing Yaoshi

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