How to draw Bulldog. Learn to draw an English Bulldog step by step images along with easy to follow instruction. Here is another dog family creatures though its body aren’t quit the same as a typical dog. In this tutorial, we will draw a Bulldog and its entire body structure. The English Bulldog is a wide, medium sized, compact dog, with short legs. The body and head are massive with extra skin on both the skull and forehead falling in folds. The cheeks extend to the sides of the eyes. The muzzle is wide, short and pug with a broad, deep stop. The black nose is broad with large nostrils. The dark eyes are deep set. Since different animals and creatures are different in shapes and forms. The best way to approach the drawing is identify simple shapes within the body. It will help to define the main parts of each animal by breaking it down.
The Bulldog is a breed with characteristically wide head and shoulders along with a pronounced mandibular prognathism. There are generally thick folds of skin on a Bulldog’s brow; round, black, wide-set eyes; a short muzzle with characteristic folds called “rope” above the nose; hanging skin under the neck; drooping lips and pointed teeth and occasionally, an underbite. The coat is short, flat and sleek, with colors of red, fawn, white, brindle (mixed colors, often in waves or irregular stripes), and piebald.

Bulldog drawing

English Bulldog drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw English Bulldog.  Step one, I just used a simple shape to draw its head first.  Step two, once I had the shape correct, then I drew eyes, nose, and mouth.  Note: its eyes are almost always line up on top of its snout.  Step three, I added ears and neck.  Step four, I then drew front right leg.  Step five, I added front left leg then add simple line to set up its body.  Step six, I finished the rest of the body along with the hind legs.

how to draw Bulldog

how to draw English Bulldog

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How to draw Bulldog

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