How to draw wolf step by step. Learn to draw a gray wolf with easy to follow instruction along with images. Again this time is another wild animal or creature tutorial. In this tutorial, we will draw a gray wolf along with its entire body. The gray wolf or grey wolf is the largest extant member of the dog family of mammals. Its body is very similar to common dog. To practice drawing animals is always a good way to explore different forms of anatomy design because of their diverse anatomy and body structures. If you want to be a well rounded concept artist, especially creature concept artist, studying animal drawing is a must. Since different creatures are different in shapes and forms, I usually observe then break it down into simple shapes. This process makes drawing complex structure a lot simpler and easier.
Wolves live, travel and hunt in packs of 4-7 animals on average. Packs include the mother and father wolves, called the alphas, their pups and several other subordinate or young animals. The alpha female and male are the pack leaders that track and hunt prey, choose den sites and establish the pack’s territory. Wolves develop close relationships and strong social bonds. They often demonstrate deep affection for their family and may even sacrifice themselves to protect the family unit.

wolf drawing

wolf drawing

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Below are step by step how to draw a wolf.  Step one, I started with  big circular shape and one oval shape as its snout.  Step two, I drew over previous shapes to established a wolf head.  Notice that I located the eyes right on top of the smaller oval shape.  Then I add more shapes for ears and neck.  Step three, I drew over the ears and neck shapes to add fur like detail.  Step four, I then add another geometry shape for its body.  Step five, I put fur detail on the body then add rough shapes for four legs.  Step six, I finished legs drawing and the rest of the wolf body.

how to draw wolf

how to draw a wolf

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How to draw wolf

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