How to draw Iceman, Bobby Drake. Bobby Drake discovered his mutant power to create ice while in his early teens, yet kept his condition hidden from everyone but his parents. Initially, Bobby was unable to stop feeling cold and shivering, but soon managed to keep it under control. Professor X dispatched his first X-Man, Cyclops, to contact Bobby. Iceman is able to lower his external and internal body temperature without harm to himself, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Iceman is able to reach -105 degrees Fahrenheit within a few seconds, and is immune to sub-zero temperatures around him.
In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Iceman from step by step drawing instruction. The step by step process will show you how to draw his face and ice body from start to finished drawing. In this drawing, you will draw him from a fighting stance pose from the a three quarter view. Iceman usually depicted by ice all over his body. He is thinner and tall than average superhero build, but still very muscular. You need to know anatomy muscle structures to be able to draw him correctly. The best way I would suggest to learn anatomy is to to attend life drawing session nearest you. If you cannot, you can always find any anatomy book for artists as reference source. Another useful method, before you start drawing, if you can look at any subject and able to break it down into simple geometry shapes.

Iceman X-men

Iceman from X-men

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Below are step by step how to draw Iceman.  Step one, I just roughly sketched his head, neck, and shoulders.  Step two, I drew his eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth along with his rough hair and arm sketch.  Step three, I finished drawing detail on his hair and upper arm with some crystal ice attach.  Step four, I added muscles detail on his body like chest and abs.  Step five, I then drew his arms and hands.  Step six, I finished drawing the rest of the image and done!

how to draw Iceman

how to draw Iceman

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How to draw Iceman

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