How to draw Iron Fist from Marvel comics. Daniel Rand, Iron Fist, visited the mystic city of K’un-Lun, which materialized in the Himalayas once a decade. K’un-Lun was co-ruled by the aliens’ descendants and powerful beings called the Dragon Kings who were themselves subject to the godlike sorcerer Master Khan. Through concentration, Iron Fist can harness his spiritual energy, or chi, to augment his physical and mental capabilities to peak human levels. By focusing his chi into his hand, he can tap the superhuman energy of Shou-Lao and temporarily render his fist superhumanly powerful, immune to pain and injury; however, this process is mentally draining, and he usually needs recovery time before he can repeat it.
In this tutorial, you will learn to draw Iron Fist from step by step basic drawing instruction. The step by step images will show you how to draw face, mask, and body along with his super power costume form. In this drawing, you will see his action pose in leaping foreword position. It is very important have some knowledge of anatomy as an artist, specially if you want to be a professional commercial artist. Most of the time in American comics, the uniform are form fitting so you will have to draw character’s muscle groups. Though you don’t have to know every muscles on the body, but it is still very important to make sure that the visible anatomy is correct. The best way I would suggest to learn anatomy is to to attend life drawing session nearest you. Another useful method, before you start drawing, if you can look at any subject and able to break it down into simple geometry shapes. Once you break it down, it will be easier to draw.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist from Marvel

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Below are step by step how to draw Iron Fist short lesson.  Step one, I drew his basic head then shoulders along with it.  Step two, I began sketching his mask.  Step three, I drew his forehands coming foreward and some muscle structure on his torso.  Step four, I drew the rest of his body rough sketched both his legs.  Step five,  I finished drawing both of his legs. Step six, I then added his sash, tattoos on his chest and finished the rest of his body.

how to draw Iron Fist

how to draw Iron Fist

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How to draw Iron Fist

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