How to draw Iron Man Mk 5 or Mark V armor suit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Iron Man Mk 5 version. You will learn to draw Iron Man’s helmet, body armor and the rest of the design. This is an easy to intermediate easy to follow step by step drawing instruction. I usually start of with basic geometry shapes and figure just like drawing any regular people. It is important that you should study drawing figure from real people, then you can always use the knowledge to translate it into comics. It is more difficult the other way around, but it is possible. Though the easy to way to draw basic character is to break it down into simple geometry shape as I will show you below. Or you can think of it as gesture drawing. Though you will be more versatile if you know how to draw real proportion from real people first hand. Because once you know the actual true proportion then you can use that as a base for any character. Though you might not need to draw any muscle structure in Iron Man, but it will be useful when you are drawing Tony Stark himself.
The MK V armor is a man-portable Iron Man armor with two states; a compact red suitcase, and a red and silver battlesuit. The transformation from case to armor can be achieved in seconds with Tony Stark opening the case and locking his hands into grips that reform into gauntlets, then stepping into the open case triggering the rest of the unit to separate and reform around him. The lightweight design makes the MK V impractical for large scale battles, although it did prove sufficient to beat Ivan Vanko on the Monaco Grand Prix racetrack.

Iron Man Mk5

Iron Man Mk5

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Below are step by step how to draw Iron Man Mk 5 tutorial.  First, I drew his helmet and torso shape very roughly.  Step two, I then drew his eyes and mouth onto the helmet and some design on his chest.  Step three, I finished the design drawing on his chest and moved onto shoulder plates.  Step four, I drew his upper arm and rough sketched the rest of both arms along with his hands.  Step five, I finished both arms.  Step six, I finished the rest of the body, done!

How to draw Iron Man Mk V

How to draw Iron Man Mk V

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How to draw Iron Man Mk 5

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